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A Husband Battles Candida

A Male View of a "Female" Problem

I Just Don't Understand!!---You Said Candida???

All right guys. Here we are in the "modern" world and we are still expected to accept whatever come along in our marriage. Wrong!! No longer are we able to stand by and plead ignorance when the spouse has a "problem".

Time for us to research, admit the existence and accept this malady.

All animals, including us humans, co-exist with all of the bugs, microbes, germs and creepy crawly of God's creatures. Well, yeast is a natural part of our anatomy. And, yet, with too much and we are all in trouble.

PLEASE understand that our systems are constantly in a battle between yeast and bacteria, with our natural defenses monitoring the war.

So, when the defenses are lowered (be it from hygiene, nutrition or other reason), Guess who is coming to dinner? Yep, the missus has an opportunity to experience a bit of a problem.

Away we go, itching, burning, white patches, a whitish discharge, and soreness. And as they suffer so does the male of the family.

So we get to the learning part. The infection of the yeast is due to an overabundance of yeast. Too much is indeed too much.

The overabundance of yeast can have a multiple of origins. If the bacteria present is decreased for some reason, the yeast has an opportunity to grow.

If the natural defenses cannot cope, as in times of sickness or poor nutrition, then the yeast has an opportunity to grow. And, if the environment for the yeast improves this definitely provides for overgrowth of yeast.

This better environment statement is a huge key. Moist, warm areas of the body invite growth. Thus, genitalia and oral cavity are prime real estate.

We now know a bit of how it grows and that the overgrowth is the problem. The solution must be in lowering the amount of yeast, either by increasing body defenses or removing the attraction of the occupied real estate.

Well, next time I will attempt to explore the treatments to accomplish this, but if you wish to leave me here and you still wish a solution please visit Yeast Infection No More.

Time for a Lesson on Symptoms

Life Changes We Need to Accept With Our Spouse

Ok, now we have a bit of understanding just what this thing is and where it comes from. Now we learn to recognize what is happening. First of all PLEASE realize this is an internal issue, leaving your lady with just a bit less than ANY desire to be near you. Short tempers, throwing the dishes and kicking the dog would probably be welcome actions compared to the way she will let you know how she feels. If you are compassionate enough to want to know all of the issues PLEASE ask her. If you are compassionate enough PLEASE ask her. The best and most socially acceptable symptoms are discussed in the previous module.

Just be aware that there is probably quite a bit of itching, burning, lack of desire for your masculine self. Probably would be a great time for you to vacuum, sweep, wash and make the beds while she works this out. I have read that sugar will feed the yeast. Think about it, probably not the best of times to woo her with chocolates. No sense feeding the beast if not necessary. Another great time to mention No More Yeast Infection!

Ah Yes!! Treatment!!

Making Way to Return to Normalcy

IF the healthy status of your relationship is in danger due to this yeast infection, it is definitely time to help with a treatment. And you should be involved in all aspects of this treatment!

Treatment can be handled by three basic methods:

1. Prescriptions---this may be the least attractive as it will usually require a visit to a doctor. While the doctor visit will really be helpful in the diagnosis, if it is know that Candida is present then this is a good one to skip. Probably has a high success rate, but also has an expense to go along with it. Another problem with prescription drugs is finding all the nasty side effects that can occur.

2. Over the counter----Probably not the most effective method of treatment, but is quite a bit cheaper than the total medical route. Consists of pills, ointments and or creams. Most likely the lady of the house would prefer not to have to stand in line at Wal-Mart with the itchy situation. So come on, kick in the chivalry and go for her. The momentary loss of male ego will nowhere near equal her gratefulness!.

3. Natural treatments---probably the best approach. As medical expenses increase people are drifting back to all kinds of homeopathic treatments. This is definitely in the YES group of ailments that can benefit with natural treatments. You will save expense of over the counter as well as prescription. Discussion of natural treatment is a good time to suggest Yeast Infection No More!

Finally a Solution

The beast of a yeast is conquered and time to move on

Well, guys, we were all able to get through this. And guess what? A few moments of not feeling all that masculine are over and there are rewards to reap.

First, you now somewhat understand what is commonly a female ailment. You understand how to recognize and help with the treatment.

You can further help in the future with preventative measures. Food intake can be altered. Learning a better diet will not hurt anyone in the family. Hygiene, which can definitely play a major part in this situation, can also be altered to assist in keeping the evil Candida at bay.

And you quite possibly have appreciation from your other half for some of your actions. Appreciation that will probably be well displayed. And you can be somewhat proud that you are truly capable on performing some of the duties that really are your responsibility (Knowing that most of us ignore this part of the marital vows).

And you know what? All of this knowledge can quite possibly be of excellent future use. Want to know why?? Well, Candida infections, while commonly found in females, is most definitely available to us males also. Might be you looking for sympathy and help in the future!!

Remember---Yeast Infection No More 5 Steps

So God Bless All of You and we can all learn to treat other with love, dignity and respect in all aspects of our lives!! And may your home be a happy one!!